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Life of King: World Box God MOD apk (Free purchase) v0.22.0

Life of King: World Box God MOD apk (Free purchase) v0.22.0
  • Updated
  • Version 0.22.0
  • Requirements Android 7.0
  • Developer PIXIO
  • Genre Simulation
  • Google Play
  • Votes: 25
  • Comments: 2
Popularity 10.39% 10.39%

Jump into Life of King, a stone age empire idle clicker tycoon! Reign over your stone age empire with decisions that YOU make! Clich in this idle tycoon and reign supreme over your cavemen and make them build it! Unlike other stone age idle tycoon games or decision based games, you call the shots AND choose how they build it! Manage your resources so your decisions will advance your kingdom and turn the stone age cavemen into capable farmers, lumber gatherers and hunters!

Life of King is a vibrant idle tycoon decision making game full of stone age wonders, wacky decisions, and not-very-smart kings. Lumber villagers going around gathering lumber for houses, expand your city through decisions that will affect your empire forever! Farm stone age fruits and lumber, breed pets like a dinos and reign what your kingdom offer you as tribute!

FEATURES OF Life of King:
– Decision Making: Sim your idle choices wisely and watch your idle tycoon grow, or choose them badly and watch your empire be destroyed!
– Daily Breeding: Raise pets like a dino and feed them your cookies!
– Resource Management: Sim your cavemen for breeding dinos, and some cavemen are suited for farming and making cookies!
– Simple Controls: Simply choose what your villagers should do and wait for the magic to happen!
– Adorable Art: Is there cute pets like a dino? Of course there are!
– Prehistoric Stone Age Empire: Build it or make your decisions that will affect the lives of your villagers and turn them into the best city this world has ever seen!
– Watch Time Pass: Time passes in your empire, so watch as each day comes and goes!

Do you have any problems or suggestions?

Feel free to send an email to su*****@pi***.co
We’re always happy to receive our players’ feedback!

The MUSEUM has been upgraded! Gather Chests from taking down different Prehistoric Beasts and find RARE Artifact Pieces! Collect them all to see the completed artifact and display them in your Museum for all to see!
Life of King: World Box God MOD apk (Free purchase) v0.22.0
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0.18.2 version update modification: free internal purchase.
[Note] The new version 0.21.4 Due to the change of archive paths, the previous old version of the archive is no longer applicable. Do not load the old version of the archive.
Life of King: World Box God MOD apk [Free purchase] v0.22.0


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