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Project IGI is a tactical FPS video game wherein you play as a secret agent tasked with retrieving information about a stolen nuclear warhead. Developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive back in 2000, this game is also known as Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In and featured stealth missions reminiscent of the Metal Gear Solid series. 

Project IGI, like all the others listed above, has something of an identity crisis. IGI isn’t an all-out blaster like Quake 3 Arena or Unreal Tournament, nor is it a softly-softly sneaker like Rainbow Six.

Instead, it lies somewhere in-between the precise whispers of SWAT 3 and the machismo-induced rompings of Delta Force. Tactics are important, but you’ve also got to be quick on the draw. Imagine a kind of updated Goldeneye and you’re nearly, but not quite, there.

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It’s a shooter in which we have to penetrate into an enemy base to steal documents about a nuclear warhead and rescue our colleague while we’re at it. As we mentioned above, the game is developed in first-person and combines sequences of pure action and others that require more strategy, such as when we need to use the sniper aim or interact with other characters that will help us during different moments of the game.

Due to its successful sales figures, three years later IGI 2: Covert Strike was released. However, you have to bear in mind that that was a long time ago and now, almost 20 years later many other games have greatly overcome this title.The game places emphasis on being stealthy, as there are also cameras and alarms.

You can hack into security buildings to disable cameras for a few minutes but this has a hidden timer so it’s recommended to destroy them when you can. The alarms can also be disabled with buttons scattered over the place but they will sound off again if an enemy gets alerted enough. Unfortunately, they tend to miss your presence a lot. 



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